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Infrared Radiant Heat & Solutions

What is Infrared Radiant Heat?

Infrared radiant heat transfers thermal energy (heat), in the form of electromagnetic waves, throughout a given space and is absorbed by solid masses.  Infrared radiant heat disbursement can vary depending on efficiency, wavelength and reflectivity.

How Radiant Heat Works

The room and all objects in it are gently saturated with infrared energy.  Next, these objects absorb and re-radiate the heat in all directions for even distribution.

Heating Solutions

The CeramiCircuit™ radiant heating system is an ideal solution for commercial, industrial or residential areas. Additionally, special heating situations, such as healthcare facilities, wood shop and hot yoga studios, have taken advantage of this efficient, cost-saving method of heating.

Case Studies

Riveredge Country Club Marshfield, WI Marshfield, WI
  • $10,644 savings per heating season.        
  • $96.77 average per day cost with propane.
  • $25.81 average per day cost with CeramiCircuit™ Radiant Electric Heat System. 

Radiant heat is comfortable, economical and convenient

Our radiant heat panels warm up quickly; achieving their full temperature within five minutes and providing a constant temperature from floor to ceiling. Since our electric radiant heat panels can be zoned for individual rooms, maximum cost savings can be realized by turning up the temperature in only the room(s) you choose.

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Advantages of Radiant Heat to Forced Air
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